Programme information

Therapeutic Residential Care International Summit Programme

Wednesday 27th April 2016
6:00 PM-9:00 PM
Welcome Reception & Dinner

  • Welcome to Loughborough University and The Centre for Child and Family Research – Lisa Holmes
  • Welcome to the Summit on TRC –‘A Dream Realized’ – Jim Whittaker
  • Welcome and Mark your Diaries for EUSARF-Oviedo – Jorge F. del Valle
  • Introduction of Individual Participants and the CCFR Team – Jim & Lisa

Thursday 28th April 2016
8:30- 9:30
An Introduction to the Summit – Jim, Lisa, Jorge

  • Goals
  • Definition of therapeutic residential care
  • Seven themes to inform discussion
  • Our Plan for the Next 2 Days
  • Follow-Up:
    • Consensus statement
    • EUSARF, Oviedo September 13-16, 2016
    • North American symposium: April 2017

Theme 1 – Promising Program Models: What Does the Research Base Tell Us? – Sigrid James, Loma Linda University (USA) and Kassel University (Germany)

Refreshment break (refreshments available in the meeting room)

10:30 -12:30
Promising Program Models: The Boys Town USA Family Teaching Model: A Model in Depth – Ron Thompson and Dan Daly, Boys Town National Research Institute and Boys Town Youth Care Department

Promising Program Models: Multi-Function C – Tore Andreassen, Senior Adviser, Norwegian Directorate for Family Affairs

Lunch (available in the Delegate Lounge)

Theme 2 – Pathways to Therapeutic Residential Care (What is known about the population most in need?)
Resource Discussion Leaders: John Lyons, June Thoburn, Chris Bellonci*, Mette Lausten

Theme 3 – Improving the Research Base for Therapeutic Residential Care (How can we improve the quality of future studies?)
Resource Discussion Leaders: Annemiek Harder* & Erik Knorth, David Berridge

Refreshment break (refreshments available in the meeting room)

Theme 4 – Preparing Youth for Successful Transitions from Therapeutic Residential Care
Resource Discussion Leaders: Anat Zeira and Mark Courtney

Theme 5 – Engaging Families (How do we create and maintain vital family partnerships?)Resource Discussion Leaders: Susan Ramsey, Rick Small*, Trish McNamara

Theme 6 – Calculating the Costs of Therapeutic Residential Care (How can we develop more accurate and reliable metrics for this complex and intensive service?)
Resource Discussion Leaders: Lisa Holmes*, Samantha McDermid, Laurah Currey


Friday 29th April 2016
Theme 7 – Improving Existing Practices in Therapeutic Residential Care (How do we improve service quality and outcomes through focused training and evaluation?)
Resource Discussion Leaders: Martha Holden*, Jim Anglin, Amaia Bravo

General Session 1 – Where are we in thinking about therapeutic residential care as one option in a suite of intensive services?

  • Thoughts on essential elements?
  • Variations within differing service systems: where does TRC ‘fit’?
  • Are there alternatives to TRC as a ‘last resort’?
  • Other?

Moderators: Lisa, Jim, Jorge

Refreshment break (refreshments available in the meeting room)

General Session 2

  • What are our major unanswered questions?
  • Future research directions?
  • Helpful policy changes?
  • Next steps in our process of working together:
    • Review of draft consensus
    • Dissemination options
    • Possible convening at Oviedo?
    • Planning for N. American dissemination in 2017
    • Final thoughts

Moderators: Lisa, Jim

Lunch (available in the Delegate Lounge)

Departures from Loughborough