Individual Studies and Concept Papers

Psychosocial Intervention Journal – Special edition

Attitudes, Perceptions, and Utilization of Evidence-Based Practices in Residential Care by Sigrid James, Ronald Thompson, Neal Sternberg, Elizabeth Schnur, Jordan Ross, Linda Butler, Dawn Triplett, Lesley Puett & Jenny Muirhead

Children in Educational Residential Care: A Cohort Study of Israeli Youth by Anat Zeira, Sofi Arzev, Rami Benbenishty & Haim Portnoy

Children: Therapeutic Group Care by James K. Whittaker

Comparing Outcomes for Youth in Treatment Foster Care and Family-style Group Care by Bethany R. Lee and Ron Thompson

Competing declarations on residential care for children and youth: Stockholm versus Malmö by James P. Anglin and Erik J Knorth

Examining Needs and Referrals to Mental Health Services for Children in Residential Care in Spain – An Empirical Study in an Autonomous Community by Ana Sainero, Amaia Bravo and Jorge F. del Valle

Exploring the specific needs of an understudied group: Children with intellectual disability in residential child care by Ana Sainero, Jorge F. del Valle, Mónica López and Amaia Bravo

Family Caregivers’ Perceptions of Barriers to and Supports of Participation in Their Children’s Out-of-Home Treatment by Jean M. Kruzich Pauline Jivanjee, Adjoa Robinson and Barbara J. Friesen

Integrating Evidence-Based Practice in the Child Mental Health Agency: A Template for Clinical and Organizational Change by James K. Whittaker, Kari Greene, Derenda Schubert, Rich Blum, Keith Cheng, Kerry Blum, Norman Reed, Kim Scott, Robert Roy and Sue Ann Savas

Program: The cornerstone of therapeutic residential care by Frank Ainsworth

Living in Children’s residential homes by David Berridge, Nina Biehal and Lorna Henry

Residential care: From here to eternity by Richard P. Barth

Therapeutic Residential Care: Different Population, Different Purpose, Different Costs by Frank Ainsworth and Patricia Hansen

What Works in Group Care? – A Structured Review of Treatment Models for Group Homes and Residential Care by Sigrid James

What Works in Residential Treatment: Strengthening Family Connections in Residential Treatment to Create Empirically Based Family Support by J. K. Whittaker, P. A. Curtis and G. Alexander

Implications of translational research for the field of residential child care by Michael A. Nunno, Deborah E. Sellers and Martha J. Holden

Exploration of the youth-adult relationship in residential care Small glimpses from a large sample of youth by Charles V. Izzo, Bridgette N. Aumand, Brian M. Cash, Lisa A. McCabe, Martha J. Holden & Moyouri Bhattacharjee

Improving Child Outcomes Through CARE, A Program Model by Cornell University Council on Accreditation Innovative Practice by William Martin, MHSA , Assistant Executive Director , Waterford Country School

Relational Climate and Effectiveness of Residential Care: Adolescent Perspectives by Laura Palareti & Chiara Berti

Different ecological perspectives for evaluating residential care outcomes: Which window for the black box? By Laura Palareti and Chiara Berti

Family-centred residential care: The new reality by E.M.W Geurts, J. Boddy, M.J. Noom and E.J. Knorth

The have left the building. A review on aftercare services’ outcomes for adolescents following residential youth care by A.T. Harder, M.E. Kalverboer and E.J. Knorth

Securing the downside up: Client and care factors associated with outcomes of secure residential youth care by A.T. Harder, E.J. Knorth and M.E. Kalverboer

A secure base? The adolescent-staff relationship in secure residential youth care by A.T. Harder, E.J. Knorth and M.E. Kalverboer

Education secured? The school performance of adolescents in secure residential youth care by A.T. Harder, A.M.N Huyghen, J. Knot-Dickscheit, M.E. Kalverboer, S. Kongeter, M. Zeller and E.J. Knorth

Aggressive adolescents in residential care: A selective review of treatment requirements and models by E.J. Knorth, M. Klomp, P.M. Van den Bergh and M.J. Noom

Under one roof: A review and selective meta-analysis on the outcomes of residential child and youth care by E.J. Knorth, A.T. Harder, T. Zandberg and A.J. Kendrick

Residential youth care and treatment research: Care workers as key workers as key factor in outcomes? by E.J Knorth, A.T. Harder, A.M.N Huyghen, M.E. Kalverboer and T. Zandberg

A dream come true – no more residential care. A corrective note by F. Ainsworth and P. Hansen

Programs for high needs children and youth: Their current status and usage in Australia by F. Ainsworth and P. Hansen

The Sanctuary model of organizational change for children’s residential treatment by S.L. Bloom

Therapeutic residential care in Australia: Taking stock and looking forward by S. McLean, R. Price-Robertson and E. Robinson

Moving on – but staying connected. An exploration of young people’s transitions from Break and the role of the Moving On team by Gillian Schofield, Emma Ward and Birgit Larsson

Intervening at the Setting Level to Prevent Behavioral Incidents in Residential Child Care: Efficacy of the CARE Program Model by Charles V. Izzo, Elliott G. Smith, Martha J. Holden, Catherine I. Norton, Michael A. Nunno and Deborah E. Sellers.